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Bitskins Gift Cards are now available in the Salad Storefront

Get CS2 Skins and More with BitSkins Gift Cards

Bitskins is the premier marketplace for in-game items, all of which are now at your fingertips thanks to our fresh reward: BitSkins Gift Cards. Whether …

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Civitai's onsite currency, Buzz, is now available in the Salad Storefront.

Civitai’s Buzz Currency Now Available on the Salad Storefront

Salad has officially partnered with Civitai, home of open-source generative AI. With 4 Million registered users on Civitai and nearly 2 Million Salad Chefs sharing …

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Salad serves up Prepaid Mastercards as the latest reward for our Chefs to spend their hard-earned Salad Balance on.

Introducing Prepaid Mastercards to the Salad Storefront

Prepaid Mastercards give Chefs the flexibility to use their hard-earned Salad Balance almost anywhere across the web. As of this week, we offer the following …

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Salad and Razer team up to add Razer Gold to the Salad Storefront

Razer Gold Now Available in the Salad Storefront

Chefs, meet Razer Gold – the other ultimate digital wallet for gamers. Razer Gold offers a seamless means to purchase games and unlock rewards with …

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Grab Riot Game Gift Cards Galore

We’re halfway through February, and we hope you Chefs had a great Valentine’s Day. But instead of more chocolates and cards this upcoming weekend, how …

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Exclusive Deals on Discord Bots & Web Hosting by Cybrancee

Online presence has never been more important, and managing web hosting for your various personal and professional projects can be both time-consuming and expensive. Whether …

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The Last Bio Link You’ll Ever Need:

Your posts, pictures, streams, videos, and creations dwell in various domiciles across the web: Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more. While we’re more than the sum …

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Optimize Your Gaming PC with Hone Premium

Gaming PCs are powerful tools, just look at what they can accomplish on Salad. However, even the hardiest tool needs sharpening, and is the perfect …

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