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Grab Riot Game Gift Cards Galore

We’re halfway through February, and we hope you Chefs had a great Valentine’s Day. But instead of more chocolates and cards this upcoming weekend, how about a date with your PC? We’ve got freshly baked Riot gift cards, wrapped in a heart-shaped box just for you. Without further ado, let’s dive into the menu.

Top-Up Your Valorant Game

We’re big fans of Valorant here in the Kitchen, just ask our long time partner Trashtripp. Pro-players and casuals alike, we’ve got the goods to get you fresh gear. Nab a new weapon skin or Agent in exchange for a little Salad Balance:

Once you’ve redeemed a gift card, remember to check the Reward Vault or your Salad signup email for the new code.

A Whole Lot of League of Legends

This MOBA is the lifeblood of many a Salad Chef, and we all know that there’s nothing better than sweet revenge in a match of League of Legends. Dunk on your foes with a new cosmetic from this selection of gift card goodies in the Kitchen:

We want our Chefs feeling their freshest on the battlefield. In this day and age, it’s pay-to-win to look your best online, and what better way to earn your fashion than with some sweet Salad Balance!

Participate in Our GPU Container Contest!

The whole Kitchen bubbles with excitement as we onboard GPU container workloads to the Salad Network. We hope the Chefs are ready to take on some serious container jobs.

We’re gonna need all the help we can get, and our Chefs will be duly rewarded. These new GPU container jobs pay up to 10 cents an hour! That’s 17x more than basic workloads. To help kick things off for this exciting new era at Salad, we’re launching our GPU Container Contest!

We’ll be selecting 5 winners each week for the next 4 weeks, and each winner will get $20 in Salad balance.

What you’ll need to participate:

  • You’ll need to run 1.0.9 Beta 3
  • Chop with an NVIDIA GPU with at least 8GB of VRAM (RTX 3060 or better)

If you are eligible to participate, entry is simple: For every hour chopped with a qualifying GPU in Beta 3, you earn one entry. And you can earn as many entries as you want! The longer you chop, the more chances you’ll have to win.

  • Starts: February 17th (12:00 AM MST)
  • Ends: March 17th (11:59 PM MST)

You’ll have multiple chances to win. Drawings will happen every Friday! Join our Discord to learn more details and chat with your fellow Chefs!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all in the Kitchen for this contest. Our Chefs are on the forefront of Salad’s newest features, and are a huge part of Salad’s growth. So let’s get cookin’!

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