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What Is a Virtual Machine (VM)?

As every Salad Chef knows, our mighty machines are chock-full of valuable compute resources like processing, memory, and storage. Virtualization technology makes it possible to …

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What Is Bandwidth?

Salad’s bandwidth-sharing jobs serve up appetizing earnings for the well-connected Chef. Curious to know how they work? Dig into this Salad Guide to find out what’s happening …

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How to Unblock Salad With Your ISP

If you’ve encountered worrisome messages while trying to launch Salad, you may have been foiled by your internet service provider. Let’s discuss why this happens …

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Making Money With Salad: What’s the Catch?

Free money? For doing nothing? Anyone with a lick of sense knows that something’s up. There’s always a catch. Unfortunately, the first assumption of those same sensible …

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