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Introducing High-Bandwidth Jobs

Say hello to diversified fare. High-bandwidth jobs borrow idle internet connections to handle video data for folks streaming on personal privacy software. It’s like running a bite-sized projection booth—and earning Salad Balance for every show!

Some lucky Chefs have already sampled bandwidth jobs in our limited public beta tests. Now we’re inviting Chefs in select regions to join our worldwide watch party!

How It Works

Salad’s latest flavor of compute cuisine makes spare bandwidth its main ingredient. As our first-ever non-crypto workloads, high-bandwidth jobs allow you to earn even more Salad Balance by sharing data transfer capacity alongside other computesharing activities.

Because these Salad jobs only require spare data-transfer capacity, they can be Chopped at the same time as our traditional GPU workloads for a double-dip drip of maximized moolah. To try it out, simply enable bandwidth sharing from the “Performance” tab in the Salad app.*

*Bandwidth sharing is currently available to Chefs located within the U.S. and Germany. Please see the “Limited Rollout” section below for further details on our phased rollout.

On-Demand Earning

Salad Chefs who choose to share bandwidth will earn at a fixed rate based on the actual volume of data transferred through their secure connections. That means you’ll earn à la carte for all the bits and bytes you can Chop!

High-bandwidth workloads will be dynamically assigned to Chefs with the lowest ping and/or fastest available internet connection. To maximize your potential earnings, we recommend sharing bandwidth in conjunction with other computesharing activities.

For a closer look at what’s happening under the hood, check out these explainers from our Salad Guide collection:

*Bandwidth jobs may be bingeworthy, but they’re only available when someone wants to tune in. Since we unfortunately cannot predict when jobs will become available, potential bandwidth earnings will not impact your predicted earnings.*

Secure Streaming

Salad’s mission is to help everyone profit from their PC. High-bandwidth jobs allow Chefs to share idle internet connections to relay encrypted video streams issued by our partners.

To ensure the safety of everyone who chooses to share bandwidth, we have designed our systems to incorporate the encryption and privacy-conscious routing of reputable VPN services.

Neither Salad nor any meddlesome snoops will be able to see your personal data, access your hardware, or monitor your web activity.

By opting to use this feature, Salad Chefs will only support the ephemeral viewing of video content from a limited list of well-known video streaming platforms. Our secure tunnels cannot be used to access any other web domains, and Salad will never facilitate the downloading or distribution of licensed intellectual property.

Limited Rollout

Though high-bandwidth jobs are now considered stable for general release, we’ve temporarily limited access to Chefs within the United States and Germany. This phased rollout will allow us to gauge how often new workloads arise, assess their actual impact on earnings, and fine-tune our distribution logic for those opting to share bandwidth in the future.

We’ll make announcements whenever the availability of high-bandwidth jobs changes or expands to other regions. Be sure to subscribe to the official r/SaladChefs subreddit, follow our Twitter page, and join the SaladChefs Discord to hear the latest Salad community news. Please visit our What’s New page for details on recent and ongoing updates to the Salad app.

Upcoming Salad Jobs

High-bandwidth jobs are the first step in turning Salad’s menu into an all-you-can-Chop buffet. In case you missed it, our team is hard at work building Salad Container Engine, a simple cloud service that will allow real-life businesses to pay Chefs directly for shared compute resources.

We hope to have exciting news and even more Salad jobs to share soon. Until then, we’ll see you in the Kitchen!

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